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Since January 2019 Conversations in Painting has hosted a series of regular studio visits. These informal sessions are a chance for artists to discuss their work, ideas, influences, techniques, materials and processes with peers in a supportive environment. 

Sarah_Cooney_Studio_Visit  .JPG
Phil_Gatenby_Studio_Visit. .jpeg

Studio Visit 1  

Sarah Cooney & Phil Gatenby

23rd January 2019, 6-8pm

Riverside House, Riverside Park, Middlesbrough

John_Wheeler_Studio_Visit .jpeg

Studio Visit 2  

Emma Bennett & John Wheeler

6th March 2019, 6-8pm

Gilkes Street Studios, Middlesbrough


Studio Visit 3  

Tony Charles & Mollie MacSween 

30th April 2019, 6-8pm

Platform Arts, Middlesbrough


Studio Visit 4  

Raymond Bentley & Gordon Dalton 

17th July 2019, 6-8pm

Princes Road Business Centre, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

JOnny & Amy.jpg

Studio Visit 5  

Amy Davies & Jonny Green

11th September 2019, 6-8pm

Riverside House, Middlesbrough

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