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MIMA : Map the history of painting in Teesside

Thursday 5 December

5.30 to 7pm

MIMA’s Collection Gallery space

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Centre Square

Are you an artist, current or former art teacher, art student or arts professional connected with painting in the Tees Valley? Join us for an evening of conversation to map the history of painting in the area. We invite you to share your stories and experiences to help us trace the lineage of individuals and groups who have shaped painting in our region.

The evening is an informal gathering, with group conversations around prompt questions. It’s an opportunity to meet a range of creative people and to contribute to an art history of the Tees Valley. All are welcome. 

Please bring along leaflets, articles, posters, postcards and letters and anything that helps to tell this story. We’re particularly keen to see material related to Tees Valley painters represented in the Middlesbrough Collection held at MIMA. With your permission, we’ll photograph any materials that you bring.

This event is in association with the exhibition LEGACY-50 years of Painting in the Tees Valley 16 Nov - 12 Dec 2019, The Auxiliary Project Space, Middlesbrough, through the collective Conversations in Painting.  The exhibition at The Auxiliary Project Space brings together the work of 30 artists and will tell a story of painting in Tees Valley spanning 50 years. Please sign up via Eventbrite link below:

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