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PAINT LOUNGE : Supernature

16 Nov - 7 Dec 2019

Discussion event - Friday 15 November 3 - 5pm

The Auxiliary (Side Gallery), 31 Station Street, Middlesbrough TS1 1SR

Susan Absolon

Rachel Lancaster

Paula MacArthur

Joe Packer

Paul Smith


Supernature takes its title from the 1977 disco track by Cerrone; a somewhat camp approach to a discussion of some seriously pressing issues. The lyrics could be straight out of science fiction, but even back in 1977 (and much earlier) there was awareness of a developing environmental crisis...


'Maybe nature has a plan to control the ways of man’  


Supernature brings together painters who explore the personal and political aspects of the impact of man on nature and conversely the impact of the natural environment on us as individuals and on humanity. Once fantastical ideas offered by science fiction have quickly become scientific fact and often seem unimaginative compared to current scientific research and predictions. As painters what is our relationship to all of this and how do we respond?


‘Will there be a happy end, now that all depends on you’


PaintLounge travels around aiming to bring together painters to discuss contemporary painting in a relaxed ‘lounge’ setting with sofas and refreshments. Each exhibitor shows their work and joins the others on the PaintLounge sofa to take part in a conversation relating to current issues and developments in contemporary painting. Anyone with an interest in contemporary painting and the environmental issues raised in this exhibition is very welcome to be part of the audience and join in the conversation at this free event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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