Christian Mieves

Crown Street Art Gallery, Darlington​​ DL1 1ND

22 - 30 October 2019

Gallery opening times

Monday and Tuesday  9am - 6pm

Wednesday and Friday 9am - 5pm

Thursday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm


The everyday processes by which surfaces are worn down, thinned or marked, puts a particular focus on visual materiality.  Material in its different conditions and formations has here a particular unstable character, defined as on-going process, shifting, disappearing and distancing.


The exhibition explores the idea of erosion, collapse, constant change imposed on everyday objects and environments. The paintings in this exhibition deal with a slippery setting, endless ambiguities and its productive potential. In this instability, bodies seem to dissolve and images to disintegrate, leaving the viewer with a sense of ‘no pauses, no in-between’. Spaces and objects are bound to collapse, yet simultaneously something new emerges.  The work contests assumptions of agency, control, and in more general terms, visibility. This underlines the nature of painting practice of being in and between processes, of testing and reflecting, and shaping states of change.

Christian Mieves is painter based in the North East of England.  His paintings have been shown at exhibitions in Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom. He has published articles in academic journals on issues of exoticism, heterotopias and the beach. 

In Conversation Event 

Christian Mieves & Matthew Hearn

Thursday 24 October 6.30 - 8pm

Crown Street Art Gallery, Darlington

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